Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Television Dramas

 I enjoy some of the current drama series on the tv but do get confused with the actors that sometimes appear in simultaneous productions. Identifying the the correct actor to the correct character to the correct drama can be a problem. There seems to be quite a shallow pool of actors that get fished out for all the best parts.The same actor might be a serial murderer in one drama (literally), a detective in another and giving birth in another; a man in one drama, a woman in another drama, a chimpanzee in another and an alien in another - all scheduled in the same month. With all the TV gismos we now have it's very easy to record several dramas and to have a playback pick n mix on our memory bank. And when you select to watch an episode at a later date it results in a who's who mind game to place the correct actor to the correct show. Meanwhile you've missed the action, lost the plot and have to rewind and recap.

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