Tuesday, 23 October 2018


Strictly Come Dancing for Horses

Horses clippety-clopping on our high streets are a thing of the past. But there are still lots of horse lovers. And those who participate in horsey business might be into dressage. For the uninitiated, dressage is Strictly Come Dancing for horses: it’s that brilliant competition where horses dance to the time of the music with intricate steps prompted by their rider. My daughter is an enthusiastic competitor with her horse. Both are improving one step at a time. They get to enter local competitions. It’s taken very seriously by both parties. But who takes it most seriously is open to question, when my daughter goes to her stables she hears a clippety-clop from Patch’s stable before she reaches it. She thinks it’s him getting excited in expectation of receiving his meal, but I think the clippety-clop is Patch practicing his dance moves.

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