Tuesday, 27 October 2020



How many professors does it take to explain how change a light bulb? I’ve not got a clue. But more than one I’m sure. How many professors does it take to comment on Covid19? Quite a few it seems. It’s a boom time for professors, I never realised how many professors there are. There is indeed a proliferation of professors. Any news or current affairs programme on tv or radio has a professor or two up their sleeve to explain, give advice or voice an opinion. And if two can be found with conflicting views, so much the better. They have become the pinup girls and boys of the current crises. Where do they all come from I wonder? Before the Corona Virus epidemic professors were called upon occasionally and in moderation, just a few reaching star status on subjects such as astronomy, but as this virus has spread so have professors (using an in-vogue word that I’d not heard pre Covid) exponentially’ spread too. And when this particular virus is eventually brought under control, where will all the profs go? Back to where they came from no doubt, but where that is only they know.  Some obviously have enjoyed the limelight and might have problems of their own when no longer in demand, returning to a cobwebby book-heaped office somewhere in secluded isolation. Just waiting for a knock on the door and hoping that their particular expertise might be required again sometime soon. Then they can shave of their long white beard, splash on the aftershave, iron a shirt, or slap on some makeup, daub the lippy and reclaim their celebrity status in the tele celebrity limelight.

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