Friday, 27 March 2020

Coronavirus: cheer-up tips for singles and couples self-isolating at home

Coronavirus: cheer-up tips for singles and couples self-isolating at home

Get out of bed and enjoy a little exercise to get you started for the day ahead. Up one two three. Down one two three. And then . . . the other eyelid.  Wash your hands.

So you are now up and ready for your isolated day ahead, and what is better than having an argument, it gets the pulse racing, wakes the hormones and sharpens the reflexes. Wash your hands.

Breakfast: explore the corners of the fridge untouched by human hand for many months and discover something you had completely forgotten about. Wipe off the mildew and enjoy. Wash your hands.

Running low on essentials so go to the supermarket (after consulting Government guidelines) get in a social-distancing line and observe the shelves tidily labelled for items that were there once upon a time, already snapped up by wilier old birds than you. Wash your hands.

Return home with a single purchase of an item that you didn’t really want but as it was the only one left on a shelf, bought anyway. Wash your hands.

Have another argument. Under Government guidelines you are allowed two per day. Wash your hands.

Need some fresh air: turn on the tele and watch a nature programme. Wash your hands.

Go out in the garden if you are lucky to have one and make a list on a scrap of paper of things that need to be done. Return indoors, throw list in bin. Wash your hands.

Have the evening in. There is no other option.

And do not forget: wash your hands every 20 seconds.

Stay well everyone, and best wishes.



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