Sunday, 27 January 2019

Les Misérables

I must admit to not enjoying the West End musical Les Mis one little bit.  So much bad luck, so much sorrow, so much hardship, so much injustice, so much Misérables. Well, it tells in advance on the advertising hoardings that it’s going to be Les Misérables, so I should have realised the obvious and not complain. It was not an uplifting entertainment for me I’m afraid, the opposite in fact.  And it’s currently on television, not as a musical but a dramatic BBC adaptation from the book in hour-long weekly instalments of grief. However, I must admit that it is absolutely gripping television, a brilliant production. I am enjoying all the suffering immensely. Still the same bad luck, sorrow, hardship, injustice and Misérables — but I’m delighted to say that they don’t keep singing on about it.

While I am going on about show biz I shall make a probably  unpopular  comment with the ladies about actor Idris Elba and the new BBC series of Luther. Why is it incumbent on all female tv continuity announcers previewing trailers of this detective show, to verbally swoon with desire over him? He’s the biggest sex symbol ever obviously. And they could be correct. These ladies don’t actually emit aCarry On film‘Phwooor!’But it is as near as the sensors dare. No man would be allowed to comment on a female lead in the same way these days, that’s political correctness, not sexual equality, in action. But I reckon that these female announcers are given a script to read out by their promotion department and are told to  ‘swoon, swoon, swoon’and big-up Idris Elba’spersona to boost audience figures. And Idris is admittedly a very manly and handsome actor. But he does mumble. No one is perfect.



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Bob these are great and have made me chuckle! Shobga

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