Thursday, 4 June 2020

Coming out of Lockdown

I’m coming out of LOCKDOWN
It’s been nine weeks pacing floors
But I’m having a little trouble
Getting through my doors.

I’ve avoided the virus
So very glad for that
But my belly, that was flat
Without a trace of fat
And fitted tightly round my waist,
Now wobbles on my lap.

Yes, I’ve got a lockdown pot belly
And I grew it watching telly
It loved crisps and sweets and pies
But now hates exercise.

My belly that once was pert
Now hides beneath my shirt.
But my secret’s sticking out:
I sport a larger butt
And an overhanging gut.

If I go out at night
I’ll hide it out of sight
I’ll keep it very quiet 
(We’ll go on a diet).

When allowed
I’ll join a club in town
Hanging out and scaling down
Enduring extreme slimming measures
Reclaiming six-pack washboard figures.

Lockdown bellies there on show 
Rumble, grumble in a row
What to eat or what to not?
Fight the fat or go to pot?

Bob Harding-Jones June 2020

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