Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Grandchildren: they Rock! We Roll!

To grandparents it's a joy to look after your grandchildren. Tiring but educational - we learn a lot.

Only this week my 4 year old granddaughter securely enthroned in her back seat in the car obviously misses nothing. I'd missed my turning though and before I could turn the car around another car appeared from nowhere. I uttered annoyingly "Blinking car!" I waited for a clear road and tried again. But before I could manoeuvre, another car approached at speed. "Another blinking car granddad!" she accurately stated from the back. I'm so relieved that my language was luckily very modest.

My two year old granddaughter is obviously destined to be an artist. We took her to McDonald's and I think she may have been there more times than us as she knew all about the kids' crayons and drawing paper - we did not. To add flavour to her portion of chicken nuggets and fries we opened her tiny carton of tomato sauce and thinking she would be happy munching into her meal, munched into our burgers.

I looked round after a while to check that she was enjoying her grub and found that she was really enjoying herself. Not eating but painting: dipping a chip into the tomato sauce, using it as a paintbrush and making sweeping brushstrokes onto the paper in vivid red tomato sauce. We didn't take the masterpiece home to stick on the wall - and it would have too. But maybe we should have as in artistic circles it would probably be considered very creative and would definitely win prizes.

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